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Due to the Public Health Emergency declared for the coronavirus pandemic and pursuant to

Governor Greg Abbott’s order (Executive Order GA-29) of July 2, 2020 and remains in effect until further notice.

Professional Psychological Services, P.C.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s July 2, 2020 order (GA-29), in place until further notice, requires all persons to wear a face covering when in a public place. All persons are required to wear face coverings inside buildings open to the public for their safety as well as the safety of others.

Face coverings may include homemade masks, scarfs, bandanas, or a handkerchief. If you do not have a face covering with you, we will make one available to you. If you do not wish to wear a face covering, we will not be able to see you in our office, but may be able to receive services by other means, such as televideo or telephone. Contact our office by telephone to make those arrangements.

Our office will exercise as much care as is reasonably possible by the following steps, but your own safety and others’ safety will require you to exercise similar care, as well:

1. All appointments at our office will be scheduled in way that will minimize your contact with others. When you come to our office please maintain six feet of space between yourself and others in the waiting room.
2. Between appointments, we will do our best to disinfect the office. No effort to disinfect an office space can be perfect. You can be safer and make others safer by not touching anything in the office that you do not need to touch.
3. As required by Texas Governor Abbott’s order, face coverings are required. We will make one available to you if you do not have one with you.
4. If you, or if anyone in your family has any symptoms of the virus, you should notify us immediately, cancel appointments, and not come to the office. Our office may still be able to provide counseling by some distance means. You will not need to end services with our office
5. If you or someone in our office tests positive for the virus, contact tracing may be required by a local, state, or federal authority. In that event our office would be compelled to disclose your name and contact information for the limited purpose of contact tracing.


Professional Psychological Services is a practice group of psychologists and mental health professionals offering clinical and forensic psychological services, as well as counseling and psychotherapy services, to adults and children in Dallas, Plano, and Richardson, Texas and surrounding North Texas communities. The staff of Professional Psychological Services, P.C. has offered services to the North Dallas, Collin, and Denton county areas since 1984. A multi-specialty practice, the staff of Professional Psychological Services, P.C. consists of psychologists specializing in psychological assessment and treatment, as well as as counselors providing psychotherapy and counseling, for children, adolescents, and adults. Committed and caring staff members strive to maintain their knowledge of contemporary developments in their areas of specialization. All staff members participate in continuing education and are also actively involved in professional associations and activities. A multidisciplinary staff background increases the range of experience Professional Psychological Services, P.C. has to offer.

The privacy of our patients and clients who are receiving mental health services is protected by state and federal privacy laws. Click Here For Our Privacy Notice (Effective January 20, 2014) The use of the internet for communications with the practice group or individual members of the group will not constitute establishment of a therapist/patient relationship and messages containing confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent. Additionally, information sent by email is not secure and may be viewed by others during transmission.

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